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The What’s The Point Question Mark -post.

Most of what I do in my spare time is pointless.
I get no money off it, definitely no fame.
I aim at neither, and actually shy away from those two
as if they might somehow taint my art.
Most of the time I don’t do my music for you, I do it to keep sane.

there must be better forms of therapy.

Or I could start doing stuff that people like instead of the muddy carpet I seem to be drawn to. Then again, everyone and their madly talented cat Fatso is making music, why contribute to that? You just have to pitch it to -12 (half-tempo for normal people) to come up with some Ghost Monkey.

Yes, it’s one of those days. I’m having a holiday and am finishing the album tunes one by one but seem to be continuously distracted by everything. Next week I’ll post a happy update full of new-found joy, maybe some kittens. Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of non-album songs off my fancy Soundcloud page:

N-Hedra : False Alloy by Ghost Monkey

Mainframe Lullaby by Ghost Monkey

I Could Never Keep Up by Ghost Monkey

Moon(f)light Sonata by Ghost Monkey


Battery Status: [♦♦······················]

Every morning my eyes hurt a bit more. Of course coffee, the universal remedy, will stabilize me some but it’s getting slightly annoying anyhow. I can usually go with very little sleep or rest, now I kind of miss free time and my six hours of sleep. Next month, I suppose.

We’re finishing Zen Bound 2 for Apple’s magical new device, meaning I am working on skinning all the nice trees, creating backgrounds, textures (luckily done now) and all kinds of UI stuff. During the days, that is, and some of the evenings. Nights are for making some more music for the same, though I did get to play Bad Company 2 for two nights this weekend. And go out once. Not bad for a month or so. The game will be good, better, actually.

I want a maxiPad, let’s hope they’ll be out here sometime, or that someone goes to visit the land of the brave and catches one of those magical (currently also mythical) beasts for me once they come out. Two, actually, if it really is the interwebsor and multi-touch midi-over-wifi controller Stevesy would no doubt like it to be.

I understand why everyone and their dog (Oppensauce) is bitching about Apple’s content control and the lack of Flash but personally I don’t really care. I haven’t seen a single good porn app, ever, and every useful bit of gadgetry I’d care about seems to be no problem with the folks at Uncle Steve’s Factory, bar from the obviously business-breaking ones and …

… oh yeah, Flash. I’ll miss so many banners! And artsy, slow-to-load websites. Damn. Snap. Seriously, the device is going to have good games and makers of good Flash games seem to end up converting their game onto the device (here’s a kicker, they can finally sell single-player Flash games, something people have tried for eons, mostly unsuccesfully) and I have two macs to play Robot Unicorn Attack on already if the URGE strikes me. When work slows down, I promise to play it. And Nitrome stuff.

Would be wrong not to.
Erasure’s Always will follow me to my grave.

The other half of my job, additional music for ZB2, it’s a bit different; I didn’t just want to do more of the same, Zen Bound Template stuff (hah, I’ve heard people try that), the way I figured it is, people who only want to listen to Bound can use iTunes to do just that. Meanwhile, I’ll do it the hard way, see if i can make something different that actually complements the original songs.

I didn’t expect ending up with anything this fluffy though, I always thought I’d make °2 more minimalistic, this is shaping out to be more about simple melodies, drones and chromatic percussion. At times it almost feels like some odd sacral childrens music. ;D

Let’s hope you end up liking it.

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