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Boxy Music

I get bored easily. There might be a medical term for that. Nevertheless, I did a few short melodies while being bored and might do a few more. The resultant thing:

The sad bit is, I really enjoy doing these vignettes instead of “real” songs. Let’s see if the set expands.

Also, besides the Ghost Monkey facebook page , I’ve been writing shitty non-poetry! You can experience it here. It’s quite public so feel free to, you know, fax it around.

Love, Tuukka / Ghost Monkey / Various aliases

I call splitsies.

Future Cities was getting unwieldy and I was having a real hard time balancing the two types of songs (okay, tracks) on it. Almost as if it was two separate albums!

So we have…

Future Cities Previews by Ghost Monkey

and her even more quiet and introverted sister

Future Ruins Previews by Ghost Monkey

I’m not sure how I’ll go about the whole thing. I’ve been thinking of releasing Cities for sale, yes, but would people pay money for the Ruins? I guess I’ve grown far too accustomed of giving away all of my non-game music for free!

Let’s see what happens. Oh, and if you’re keen on the whole Ghost Monkey thing and somehow ended up reading this far, there’s a facebook for you, too. Also, occasional stuff @twitter.

t.. / poly / ghost monkey

Future Cities! Previews!

Future Cities Previews by Ghost Monkey

Yeah. I’m about to do a record about, well, everything, but the theme here is the somewhat naive cleanliness and technological optimism about future that vintage science magazines and sci-fi often embodies, how it clashes with modern cities and it’s irrelevance to actual human life. About how that life would actually feel like, the moments in it.

Nah. I’m going to do sci-fi album. That sounds better.

Ghost Monkey : Special Children Need Special Weapons (2008)

Click here to get the whole EXPERIENCE as a .zip file!

ISKENDER DONOR (free meal edition)

Polyfon Soundlab : Free Dreams (2002)

15 tracks, one hour of electronic landscape music.
Download and listen freely, don’t use in an commercial setting without consulting first.


Evolved Echo Lullaby Love
Transport Sport Day
Sometimes Scientists Go Bad
Copy Protection Funeral Song
Sk 1000
Song for Control
Bells Ringing
Switched- On-Noodles
Don’t Leave Your Meat In The Rain
Unaddressed Postcard
Static Folds
Sleep Now Darling Bonus

Ghost Monkey : Tea For Miss Yamaha (2001)

Here are the mp3:s in glorious 120 bps. I could’ve made them hi-fier but … uh .. well … they are digital. as in inferior to vinyl. feel that. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE ALBUM

“Ghost Monkey: Tea for Miss Yamaha” vinyls exist but are heavy as fuck and cost a bit to send. doh. Obviously. Cd:s don’t but i can make it happen if you give me a good excuse. or then you could just donate me some money and feel good about downloading the mp3s.

We’ll start off with the Second Coffee Nimbus which tells us about life in the northern hemisphere. Just turn on the tube on an empty channel and imagine you’ve got a video to go with all of these. Second, let’s enter Blues for freaks. In this church the things have truly gone to hell. The tentacles of sin (lubricated for her pleasure) are all around. Third, if my memory serves me, is the part where Monkey Wards off the Juju. This epic tale follows the monkey through bad times of me playing a melodica. Finally there’s redemption and lurve. Fourth, and a closer to the first side of my beautiful vinyl, is Mountain of Glue. Oh yes.

Second side begins with Vahinja which is a story about a country that turns against it’s own citizens. This always leads to peace & prosperity. Then we have Assasins, a story about time travel, love, a nemesis and all that. I’m still quite proud of this bastard, really. Kryla Jam explores the slowed down disco territory. Jam is the stuff you put on a toast if you want it to rock like a rocking chair. Halla, the closer, tells us a story about human relations using the frost-bitten landscape of autumny north as a metaphore. Or so I say but then again I’m making these notes up as I go…

This record was produced, mixed, played and discarded by Polyfonken with Dj Holik on turntables, Anna vocalising, KrushingFunkLords on the flute, Evill as the sampled beatbox and a lot of (mostly dead) musicians contributing without permission.

Contact the evil bastard at if you need another fix or want me to design Fabulous Record Covers and remix your multi-giga-platinum selling tune that rips off de la soul:s ring ring ring. Or if you want to release his next album

lots of love and thanks for listening polyfonken as ghost monkey. ass. tihihihihi.