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Ghost Monkey

♠ Ok, I’m not stupid, it’s kinda music but what IS this Ghost Monkey anyhow?

Ghost Monkey is me, sometimes with friends. It’s not exactly outside genres but I do like to try out sounds I don’t get to hear elsewhere. You get a mixed bag of slow stuff and rough stuff. Serves you right.

I started making music partly to get rid of the constant MTV noise around me, lately I’ve just stopped watching MTV or listening to FM radio! I make music because I love it, if it makes your day better, my job is done and paid in full.*

♠ Thanks.

It’s okay. Here’s the goods:

The Album Page.

Get your music here for free. What is this shit?


And this stuff seems … unfinished?!

I rarely go to MySpace, lately, to be honest but it’s nice to have so many friends!. See, now, you found me, now you get it here!

* Unless someone good decides to publish it, fair deal, then you get to have Finished Products in digital form and hopefully on wax.

<3 tuukka / poly / all that