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Let’s get this out first: Tuukka is Polyfonken is Ghost Monkey. Although he’s had help from friends with the Monkey bit.

32 years old and quite restless, he usually brings a sketch pad to meetings, not because he was bored but because that helps shut him up for a while and keeps him from defacing the office furniture. Only, currently he doesn’t have to work in an office.

Tuukka worked at Sulake since it was founded. he did a lot of graphics, some game design, quite a bit of concept design, a bit of art direction, a few sounds and even some drinking with clients. But six-and-a-half years was enough, he did some pixels for Sumea/Digital Chocolate, after which he recently escaped the pixellated world and is currently at Secret Exit doing games. Four boys, games. Let’s see what happens.

There’s a problem with people who are relatively good in more than one thing: too many interests eating way time – if you ask Tuukka what he’d like to do next, you’ll get a list of things, ranging from illustration through game concepting to music. He would be the first to lobby for 35-hour days.

When he’s not busy creating something, he enjoys spending time with his friends, listening to music (obviously) playing non-sports video games and has been known to down a few pints of beer cider once in a while. He should find a good record company that’d publish the forthcoming albums by Ghost Monkey, Polyfon Ken, Blanket Monster and Polyfon Soundlab. Yeah…