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So we’re out of work. And for my part, it doesn’t feel at all bad.

No idea how I want to roll: unemployed & making records, freelancing (ughh, seems like a hassle for someone with my spending talent and lack of financial one) or some form of day job. Though that would have to be pretty damn interesting to be honest, I haven’t yet developed any hidden desire for being a part of a global family of bees.

Coffee tastes less good but waking up is better. I’ll have to see about the rest, the what-would-I-like-to-do-now -bit in the coming weeks/months. In no hurry, luckily.

Nyhow. It’s probably not a bad time also to tell you two about a couple of things:

FUTURE DREAMS is the third installment of the unfinished (but apparently growing) Future family. It’s the softestestest and most organic of the three. It’s a sister to these two:

Also, The Cave and Boxy Music are available on Spotify. Just search for Ghost Monkey, I don’t have the URL because I … uhh … haven’t used Spotify?