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Enter ‘The Cave’

So, as an anti-christmas present I bought myself a bow and some mallets. Started bowing stuff, cymbals, glass objects, zithers, mbira… it was good fun. I decided it’d be nice and stress-free to do a little soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist.

Anyhow, I was at GDC this year and, thanks to a brilliant session about aleatoric and atonal music, was inspired to buy a cello, the cheapest one possible. That’s what I got – the endpin is busted and two of the four fine tuners had funky plastic parts that snapped right off when putting the thing together. I have been having fun with my sweet two-stringed cello. Not sure if the neighbors agree. The “songs” are quick and dirty and might cause you pain if you like your purity. Easy listening fans … might want to check out my other offerings.

In this piece we’ll find tunnels inside an old abandoned drilling site, tunnels that lead to a vast and strangely formed serpentine cavern that seems to stretch out forever. In the bottom, an ancient vessel, the likes of which our eyes have never graced. The vessel, with very little persuation, takes us far away; horror and adventure ensues. The usual fare.