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The What’s The Point Question Mark -post.

Most of what I do in my spare time is pointless.
I get no money off it, definitely no fame.
I aim at neither, and actually shy away from those two
as if they might somehow taint my art.
Most of the time I don’t do my music for you, I do it to keep sane.

there must be better forms of therapy.

Or I could start doing stuff that people like instead of the muddy carpet I seem to be drawn to. Then again, everyone and their madly talented cat Fatso is making music, why contribute to that? You just have to pitch it to -12 (half-tempo for normal people) to come up with some Ghost Monkey.

Yes, it’s one of those days. I’m having a holiday and am finishing the album tunes one by one but seem to be continuously distracted by everything. Next week I’ll post a happy update full of new-found joy, maybe some kittens. Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of non-album songs off my fancy Soundcloud page:

N-Hedra : False Alloy by Ghost Monkey

Mainframe Lullaby by Ghost Monkey

I Could Never Keep Up by Ghost Monkey

Moon(f)light Sonata by Ghost Monkey