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I’ve started making triangles, see. Four months into unemployment I got slightly jittery from not doing any graphics at all for the whole period, and into various geometric shapes. I thought “there must be a tool for this by now”. Found two, IsoSketch, which is a nice isometric sketchpad for iPad, and Hexels, an excellent (if layerless :D) variable grid painting system. It outputs nice .svg:s which can then be used in Adobe’s offerings.

Hexels Pro has custom shapes and grids. Yum. is my polygonal tumblr.

Attack Waspian and its friends can be found at

That got me into sketching again, which got me into thinking about a first person geometry trip adventure game. Which can be seen as a dangerous thing. Since this is one of those ideas that wouldn’t be worth stealing, I’ll lay it out for you:

Our protagonist is a rather square fellow, living large at his apartment. He has clicked one of those “earn money by surfing the web” -banners and is now making his living surfing the polygon waves of d√∂nerweb. Then an envelope appears on his doorstep, containing experimental pentagonal and hexagonal drugs to supplement his doctor’s triangle medication order. In a moment’s lapse of thinking our low-poly protagonist takes a pill and is transported into a penta(hexa)gonal mirror world.

The controls, which are a bit QWOP to begin with, turn into jelly. Rising from a chair demands a quick time event. He must find his way back home, fix his thumb that got cut off by a stray triangle and … well, take the rest of those experimental polygons. Oh yeah, the dialogue (and mostly monologue) is all sung by a Vocaloid and there’s a karaoke-style subtitiling. Sometimes in geometric language. Yeah.

Some things you can't steal...
Unity screenshots.

Yeah. Some things you can’t steal. I should probably get a job. :D

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Coffee and Soul revisited

Coffee and soul explained

First holiday monday and it’s all rainy and white outside, best do some music.

Traditional Oldshit Slideshow 2

This batch deals mostly with Coke Studios:

Traditional Oldshit Slideshow 1

Being kind of lazy for someone who can’t stop for a second, I decided to add the stuff in my former flash portfolio here as single plates. Besides, if you want to see pictures, this is one way.

This post will have a bunch of Habbo stuff. Sulake. Really nice people, good times.