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So we’re out of work. And for my part, it doesn’t feel at all bad.

No idea how I want to roll: unemployed & making records, freelancing (ughh, seems like a hassle for someone with my spending talent and lack of financial one) or some form of day job. Though that would have to be pretty damn interesting to be honest, I haven’t yet developed any hidden desire for being a part of a global family of bees.

Coffee tastes less good but waking up is better. I’ll have to see about the rest, the what-would-I-like-to-do-now -bit in the coming weeks/months. In no hurry, luckily.

Nyhow. It’s probably not a bad time also to tell you two about a couple of things:

FUTURE DREAMS is the third installment of the unfinished (but apparently growing) Future family. It’s the softestestest and most organic of the three. It’s a sister to these two:

Also, The Cave and Boxy Music are available on Spotify. Just search for Ghost Monkey, I don’t have the URL because I … uhh … haven’t used Spotify?

Zen Bound 2 & Rebound

Yay! Yaya!

Zen Bound 2 Universal is out now for all the iDevices, get it while it’s stinking hot! To commemorate this momentous release, we also released my soundtracks for both the ZB games.

So: to download Bound & Rebound, go to the Zen Bound website and enter your email on our non-spammy spam list. You get Instant Winz in form of the soundtrack download link. And we get to send you funnies once or twice a year.

About that ZB2 Universal. Man, it’s a good game, I think, the best we’ve made so far. You really should own it. Yeah, you. Did you know we have also been doing a desktop version? No? Well that’s it up there, the video, me playing on my MBP, I have to tell you, the touchpad controls are almost as sweet as on iPad. Syrupy.

No, don’t talk to me about Android, why did you buy that?
Oh you didn’t really believe all that bullshit about open source, did you?
You thought you’d get porn, ha? Well, someone has to code those tits, you know, and no-one is doing that shit for free! :D Okay, okay, maybe we’ll do androids, too, for you. In the future, when it’s not frowned upon, sex with robots. For now, download my music and buy some wooden objects.