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Welcome to Polyfonken.

Here are my visuals, full albums of Ghost Monkey music, other audio output and a lot of opinionated rants. Try the Categories if you\'re lost.


Prints and skins!

I put some items up at Society6! It’s mostly from my triangle period (mwhahaha) and gots mugs, cellphone covers and laptop ones, too, along with the giclée prints. Oh, and cassette shirts & baby clothing!
(reload to randomize the banners – weird if you ask me)

Of course, there’s new stuff everywhere, in my Soundcloud, triangle tumblr and life in general. Started working with slot machines.

Slot machines.

Future Ruins, get yours now!

Part one, the quiet part, of my latest magnum opus is now ready for your consumption!

Future Ruins by Ghost Monkey


I’ve started making triangles, see. Four months into unemployment I got slightly jittery from not doing any graphics at all for the whole period, and into various geometric shapes. I thought “there must be a tool for this by now”. Found two, IsoSketch, which is a nice isometric sketchpad for iPad, and Hexels, an excellent [...]


So we’re out of work. And for my part, it doesn’t feel at all bad.
No idea how I want to roll: unemployed & making records, freelancing (ughh, seems like a hassle for someone with my spending talent and lack of financial one) or some form of day job. Though that would have to be [...]

Boxy Music, out now.

THERE! (bc)
AND THERE! (spotifafa)
See?! I can make do stuffs. Now you make buy, yes???

Textual Harassment

I write horrible things for you. Enjoy.

Enter ‘The Cave’

So, as an anti-christmas present I bought myself a bow and some mallets. Started bowing stuff, cymbals, glass objects, zithers, mbira… it was good fun. I decided it’d be nice and stress-free to do a little soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist.
Anyhow, I was at GDC this year and, thanks to a brilliant [...]

Boxy Music

I get bored easily. There might be a medical term for that. Nevertheless, I did a few short melodies while being bored and might do a few more. The resultant thing:

The sad bit is, I really enjoy doing these vignettes instead of “real” songs. Let’s see if the set expands.

Also, besides the Ghost Monkey facebook [...]

I call splitsies.

Future Cities was getting unwieldy and I was having a real hard time balancing the two types of songs (okay, tracks) on it. Almost as if it was two separate albums!
So we have…
Future Cities Previews by Ghost Monkey
and her even more quiet and introverted sister
Future Ruins Previews by [...]

Kittens! Well. No kittens, just new tunes!

Lake Elorza Morning Cycle by Ghost Monkey
The Progression of Price by Ghost Monkey
Vessel buried in an oil deposit by Ghost Monkey
New Black Rainbow Gradient by Ghost Monkey
Vivero Leaving by Ghost Monkey
All of them for Future [...]

The What’s The Point Question Mark -post.

Most of what I do in my spare time is pointless.
I get no money off it, definitely no fame.
I aim at neither, and actually shy away from those two
as if they might somehow taint my art.
Most of the time I don’t do my music for you, I do it to keep sane.
there must be better [...]

Future Cities! Previews!

Future Cities Previews by Ghost Monkey
Yeah. I’m about to do a record about, well, everything, but the theme here is the somewhat naive cleanliness and technological optimism about future that vintage science magazines and sci-fi often embodies, how it clashes with modern cities and it’s irrelevance to actual human life. About [...]

Music Update : Ambient

Ok. Here’s a bunch of tracks off my Soundcloud. Most of these are not on the albums found here, they’ll get their turn. Maybe.
The Quiet Ghost Monkey by Ghost Monkey
The Slow Stuff!

Music Update : Fast

The Restless Ghost Monkey by Ghost Monkey
Fast Stuff! (Also compressed to hell, for the digital and temp stuff I decided to win the loudness war.)

Music Update : Slow

The Slow Ghost Monkey by Ghost Monkey
Slow Stuff!

Zen Bound 2 & Rebound

Yay! Yaya!
Zen Bound 2 Universal is out now for all the iDevices, get it while it’s stinking hot! To commemorate this momentous release, we also released my soundtracks for both the ZB games.
So: to download Bound & Rebound, go to the Zen Bound website and enter your email on our non-spammy spam list. You get [...]

Work Notes: Icons for iPhone apps

Your basic iPhone apps only need two icon sizes, a nice change from all the handsets around.
For our uses I’ve found it’s best to do the 512 icon first, while constantly keeping a small, roughly 57 sized zoomed version of the same document on the side to see that there’s enough interesting stuff happening on [...]

の話題作, oh yeah!

Secret Exitの話題作「Zen Bound」の続編が近日公開、iPadにも対応
As told by ipodtouchlab. I’m certain. Yay! :)
Also, still loving this Minusbaby track to bits: .. .. .. And, I must admit, DO LIKE!

t.. / polyfonken / etc.

Battery Status: [♦♦······················]

Every morning my eyes hurt a bit more. Of course coffee, the universal remedy, will stabilize me some but it’s getting slightly annoying anyhow. I can usually go with very little sleep or rest, now I kind of miss free time and my six hours of sleep. Next month, I suppose.
We’re finishing Zen Bound 2 [...]

Ghost Monkey! Ghost Monkey?

♠ Ok, I’m not stupid, it’s kinda music but what IS this Ghost Monkey anyhow?

Ghost Monkey is me, sometimes with friends. It’s not exactly outside genres but I do like to try out sounds I don’t get to hear elsewhere. You get a mixed bag of slow stuff and rough stuff. Serves you right.
I [...]